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Traditional Hard Drive Or Solid State Drive?

So your computer is slow and you want to either buy a new modern one with high specifications, or go with the easiest solution and upgrade one of the bottlenecks in your machine which will probably speed it up significantly? Well, if you feel content with your computer in general and are convinced that it's [...]

WD VelociRaptor 6th Generation – Is It The Right Choice?

It's been almost two years since Western Digital released its third generation of VelociRaptor hard disk drive which is still deemed the fastest 3.5" hard drive available for consumer desktop and small business workstation, making its strong presence and reputation in the markets in the competition with the blazing fast flash-based solid state drive (SSD) [...]

The Fastest Hard Drive To Speed Up Your Computer

Are you fed up with your slow computer and wish to have a high-speed machine that will run your applications and games quickly and flawlessly but simultaneously you cannot afford to buy a new modern one, so the only option there is to upgrade some parts of your current system, but you are uncertain which [...]